7:01, May 13 2017

It’s three days past Saturday, and not 7:01…  Indicative of the reasons 7dot — or, seven days of tacos — turned into seven taco recipes, spread over two weeks and interspersed with carryout, mothers’ day and leftovers.  Good intentions sometimes have to be replaced with pizza.

Dinner doesn’t usually run quite so late, but we decided to plunder through this arduous variety, knowing it would never be made if left for a weekday:  A roasted vegetable and quinoa sort, topped with kale chips and a red, thai curry sauce that incorporated the usual paste, coconut milk and roasted corn — all pureed.  Decent flavors, but these would have benefitted from a crunchy shell.

There’s also chicken nuggets and a plate full of fries (mostly) for the kids.  The oil erupted when they were added (not the kids), spilling over to create a nice lake on the stove.  Strange…

7:01pm on May 13, 2017 — spent eating dinner with the family.

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